Adult Cinema - 'This Is Your Life' - Red 180g Vinyl Edition

Adult Cinema
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The 2018 remastered version of 'This Is Your Life' on 180g red vinyl.

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JOE CLAY (The Times) – "A winning blend of Meddle-era Pink Floyd, beguiling psych-folk and classic rock riffing. Mike Weston is an accomplished songwriter and musician who deserves a wider audience."

'This Is Your Life' is the 2007 debut album from Adult Cinema that received a handful of 5-star rave reviews at the time but largely remained an undiscovered gem.

Now, with a growing recognition of this debut album and a small but passionate fanbase, 'This Is Your Life' has been remastered for digital and physical (CD and Vinyl) release in 2018. (on 25/5/18).

This album contains the track 'Time Machine' that brought Mike and his music to the attention of people the world over through its use on a host of television soundtracks, inspired by the story told in the lyrics. Also included are the 70's escapist 'Supercool' and 'All A Dream', likewise much used in movies and TV, and the epic three track opus of 'Broken Bones / This Is The Way / Alien Craft

This is Adult Cinema album. A debut that contains a lifetime of songwriting and talent compressed into an irresistible 41 minute rock masterpiece.


1. Time Machine

2. Coming From The Left

3. All A Dream

4. You Can Buy Happiness

5. Supercool

6. Flowers

7. Broken Bones

8. This Is The Way (Preview)

9. Alien Craft

10. All A Dream (Reprise, including Take Me Home)

On purchase, you'll also get an immediate digital download at 320kbps and full sleeve art. 

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Adult Cinema - 'This Is Your Life' - Red 180g Vinyl Edition

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